Danaë Metaxa

Raj & Neera Singh Assistant Professor
Computer & Information Science
University of Pennsylvania

Danaë Metaxa is an Assistant Professor at the University of Pennsylvania in the Computer and Information Science department, with a secondary appointment in the Annenberg School for Communication.

In their research, Dr. Metaxa studies bias and representation in algorithmic systems and content, focusing on high-stakes social settings like politics and employment, and in particular on the experiences of marginalized people. Along with Andrew Head, they are the co-founder of the Penn HCI group.

Prior to joining Penn, Dr. Metaxa was a postdoctoral scholar with the Stanford Center of Philanthropy and Civil Society’s Program on Democracy and the Internet, and a Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science at Stanford University.

PhD Students


04/2024 - All four of PennHCI’s NSF GRFP applicants were funded this year! Huge congratulations to our PhD students Princess, Ro, Hita, and post-bac RA (soon-to-be Harvard PhD student) Lena!

Student FAQs

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Sp 2024 - CIS700: Algorithmic Justice

Fa 2023 - CIS412/512: Human-Computer Interaction

Sp 2023 - CIS700: Algorithmic Justice

Fa 2022 - CIS399: Human-Computer Interaction

Sp 2021 - CS347: Human-Computer Interaction Research (co-taught with Parastoo Abtahi)